If you are straightening your hair everyday using a hot iron or curling iron you might want to consider a hair straightening treatment.

Chemical Straightening

Talk to your stylist about the look you want. Hair straightening starts with chemicals and color treated or otherwise damaged hair may need a different formula. The chemical your stylist applies breaks down the bonds of your hair that create the curl and frizz. The chemical is applied for a few minutes then rinsed out and a neutralizer formula is applied.


Conditioning afterward is very important. Your hair will be fragile and you need to treat it gently. The stylist will apply a conditioner after treatment, but you need to follow through and apply conditioner everyday. You should also apply a deep conditioner once or twice a week.

Relaxed hair is more porous which cause it to hold onto product applied to it so make sure you rinse thoroughly when you shampoo. It is also much more fragile, so use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle as a brush can cause breakage.

Talk to your stylist and get the right treatment for your type of hair.